Skating at Skate World


All Rules and Regulations for My Skate World

Terms & Conditions of Entry

While every effort is made to ensure a safe experience at all of our sessions, participants must be aware that roller skating is a potentially hazardous activity and unpreventable accidents can happen.

Management accept no responsibility for any accidents, injuries, loss or damage howsoever caused to yourself or a third party that may occur whilst taking part in any skate world session or event, which include venue structures, obstacles or the actions of other skaters.

Participants are advised to wear protective equipment to minimize injury from a fall or collision; put protective equipment on before skates.(available from skate hire)

If you have never skated before and are unsure please ask for advice from one of our qualified instructors before attempting to skate.

We strongly advise that you DON’T DRINK BEFORE SKATING as it greatly effects your balance.

Anybody who is arrives in an intoxicated state will not be allowed to skate.

Management reserve the right to remove skates from anyone who they suspect as being a danger to themselves or others at any time.

Socks must be worn with hire skates.


We highly recommend that you do not take part in any skating activity if you suffer from:







Or any other condition that could be aggravated by this activity. If you are, or suspect you are pregnant you should not take part in this activity.

Consult your doctor if unsure.

Rules & Regulations

Skate World Roller Rink wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable Skating experience. In the interest of safety, sportsmanship and consideration of all guests (particularly children) and staff, we would appreciate all parties observe and respect the rules and regulations whilst on our premises:

  • No disorderly conduct

  • No smoking

  • No bad language

  • Strictly NO chewing gum

  • NO food and Beverage items can be brought into the building.

  • All food and drink is to be kept in the licensed bar/snack bar seating area.

  • No ‘In and Out’ privileges, pass-outs, or loitering around the premises or car parks. An admission fee will required for re-entry.

  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs WILL NOT be allowed on the premises.

  • All In-Line and Quad Skates must be clean and in good repair. NO MISSING WHEELS OR SHARP EDGES.

  • Fast, reckless behavior, tag playing, or skating in an unsafe manner that may jeopardise the safety of others is not permitted.

  • No sitting on railings, walls, tables or counters.

  • In the interest of foot safety and hygiene, every person renting Skates must wear socks. 

  • When your skate session is over, please tuck laces inside the Hire Skates and return them to Skate Hire.

  • Please DO NOT leave personal items of value at the snack bar tables. Skate World is not responsible or liable for any item(s) deemed lost or stolen.

  • Skate World Management reserves the right to inspect Skates, Skate Bags, Bags or similar items when entering or leaving premises.

  • Please report all accidents to management or a member of Staff.

  • In the interest of safety and good conduct, Patrons are requested to follow all posted signage and verbal rules and instructions.

  • Parents will be held fully responsible for the conduct and actions of their children.

  • Skate World Roller Rink Management reserves the right to refuse entrance to anyone for any reason.

  • Persons entering the Skate World Roller Rink premises and car parks assume all risks regarding accidents and injury to themselves.

  • Skate World Roller Rink operates a Zero Tolerance against Drugs and Bullying.


What are the Rink Rules?

  • Check your skates! We regularly check our hire skates however whether hiring skates or using your own please check the condition before putting skates on.      

  • All skaters must skate in the same direction

  • Keep moving on the rink

  • No sitting or lying on the skate floor

  • No pushing or playing your own games

  • Absolutely no food or drink on the rink at any time

  • Tell a member of staff if you see any spillages on the floor

  • Read all information before entering rink

  • Wear the protective equipment provided

  • Skate to your own ability – ask for help if needed

  • Alert staff of any first aid emergencies

  • Abide by announcements and marshals instruction

  • Be considerate and support new skaters

  • Skates only on the rink – no shoes (exception parents supporting young children)