Quality not Quantity

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Quality not Quantity

November 2, 2015

|Ryan Leigh Dowding

In 2012 My Skate World was born. The idea was conceived of by a working-class couple who dropped everything to have a crack at giving something back to their community. This was not their first venture into the world of roller-skating. For a number of years, Jo and Colin had managed the roller disco out of the HUGE sovereign centre hall.

However, they decided that enough was enough. This wasn’t about quantity. This wasn’t about the size of the hall. Nor was it about making a profit. This was about giving to the people of Eastbourne the greatest, most personal, friendly, inviting and atmospheric skating experience around. It was by coincidence that Jo and Colin also managed to create the largest purpose built venue for roller-skating which the South-East had ever seen.

Back to the story. Once the lease on the warehouse was signed and stamped the building process began. Jo and Colin were astounded by the reception from the skating community. People from all around – family, friends, acquaintances – agreed to provide assistance. Many gave up (and still do give up) their time to volunteer for us and they helped build My Skate World from the ground up. Others donated construction materials such as lights doors and other fixtures. My Skate World is truly a product of the community.

Eventually, the building work ceased and My Skate World was ready. And what a venue it has become. At one end, elevated high above the skaters, sits the DJ console. Below it, the floor, perfect for skating, is lit up beautifully by a professional light show mounted to the ceiling. At the other end stands the vast and welcoming social area. There is a café providing refreshments at modest prices. Nearby, stand two large toilet facilities, a balcony for parents and friends to watch the skating, a pool table, an arcade machine and a shop which now stocks skates, helmets, t-shirts and other goodies. Last but by no means least there is the skate-hire kiosk, for those of you who are not yet fully committed to the sport.

So, how much does it cost? I hear you ask. In light of the community driven approach taken by Jo and Colin the answer is unsurprising. Not only is My Skate World the perfect, purpose built venue but it is also the cheapest. For just £4 you can skate for up to 5 HOURS Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Not free on the weekends? Well it’s open 6 days a week (Tue – Sun), providing after school clubs (£3), birthday parties, events for schools and various charities – such as Families for Autism – and much, much more.

My Skate World is the BEST skating venue not just because it has the BIGGEST hall or the most PROFESSIONAL light show. It is the best because of its INCREDIBLE MEMBERS. Everyone from our casual skaters, to our amazing volunteers and world class slalom team – who we recently sent to Italy for an international competition. 

And to those of you who haven’t got around to visiting My Skate World yet, the doors are always open. If its your first time, not to worry, our fully qualified marshalls will train you up for free. 

You’d be mad not to!

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