5 Benefits of Inline Skating

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What are the Benefits of Inline Skating?

Inline Skating has proven to offer many great health benefits for all ages. Not only is it great exercise, but it is also great fun and has been taken up as a regular hobby by different people across the world.

In this article, we are going to cover what the top 5 main benefits of inline skating are and how the sport can improve your life style.

Top 5 Benefits of Inline Skating

inline skating benefits to your health

1. Great Calorie Burner

Inline skating is a great calorie burner, at 10mph on a regular basis not only burns about 6 calories per minute, 360 calories an hour, but it also turns fat into muscle – double whammy! The more you skate, the more you’ll burn per minute, making inline skating one the best and most fun forms of exercise.

2. Improves Balance, Coordination and Agility

A big factor of inline skating is balance, more specifically – balance while you are moving. If you are a new skater, even starting off by learning the basicsof inline skating will begin improving your balance.

When you become more confident with skating, learning new skills like skating backwards, hockey and cross-overs, your balance is improving massively and will contribute to situations outside of skating too!


3. Low Impact Exercise

With a lot of sports, you find you’re aching all over the day after and you never want to do it again! Well Inline Skating is a low impact exercise with minimal impact on joints. However, it has great bone density enhancing benefits as it is a weight bearing activity, so you are improving your bones but not hurting them at the same time.

4. Improves Heart Health

Your hearts muscle strengthens from inline skating, as it increases your heart rate like any exercise, your heart health is improving massively.

Inline skating is said to be one of the best forms of aerobic exercise and increases the heart rate of the average skater from 140-160 beats a minute. This can be as muhc as 180 beats per minute if you are an aggressive skater.

5. Happiness and Fun

After a boring day at work, or long day looking after the kids, skating can lift your spirit massively. Inline skating can contribute very positively towards your mental health and can help clear your mind.

This is possible because when it reduces the bad hormone and at the same time, helps to release and increase the quantity of good endorphins or the happy hormones in your brain.

Endorphins have shown to not only keep you in good mood but also relieve brain pain. Since rollerblading is an extensive aerobic workout, you will naturally feel good all most of the time during the day. While endorphins make you feel happy, they also play a vital role in improving your concentration levels and allowing you to get better at roller skating.

So, if you are looking for a good way to regulate your mood every now and then, even if you are alone, just put on your shiny pair of skates, stride and enjoy the ride while you improve your mood.

read the health benefits of inline skating

How Can I start Skating?

Skating is an hobby to start, you can grab yourself a pair of beginner skates and head down to My Skate World in Eastbourne where all ages are welcome, safety equipment is free to borrow and skaters of all skill levels are present.

Take a look at our time table or read more about My Skate World.

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5 Benefits of Inline Skating

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